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Welcome to Almscliffe Village Hall




birthday parties

business functions

PLEASE CALL 01423 734 436

01423 734436




Almscliffe Hall exists for the benefit of the residents of Huby, Newby, Castley, North Rigton , Stainburn and Weeton and is also available for hire to the general public as a venue for a variety of functions.


The Hall is available for hire to the general public and the facilities, which include a function room, a stage and a well-equipped and recently refurbished kitchen, make it an excellent venue for dances, wedding parties, plays and concerts.


Registered Charity No. 505587

ALMS Tennis Bowling Logo

Craft Club


We meet on the 2nd


Thursday at 2 –3..30pm at Almscliffe Hall from Oct---each month to May


The cost is £2.00 which includes most of the materials used and refreshments It is led buy a variety of ladies and it gives us a wide range of subjects


Oct 12th—Festive Theme with Jenny


Nov 10th---Festive Theme with Kathryne


Dec 19th—TBA

More info from Jenny 07803717659

Alscliffe Talks


We meet on the 3rd


Thursday at 2-3.30 pm at Almscliffe Hall. We have 2 terms of 3 talks each and the cost is £10 a term or £4 for a single talk


Oct 17th—History of Printing –Charles Lubelski


Nov 21st—A One Man Adaptation on A Christmas Carol—Chris Cade

(remember he came before with A Victorian Schoolroom)


Dec 19th—My Life in Showbusiness—Ronnie Bottomley—a well known drummer

More info from Jenny 07803717659


Weeton & Huby Parish Council


We are living in unprecedented times as a consequence of the current world-wide pandemic. Hopefully our villages, together with the country as a whole, are healthily emerging through this. It is heart-warming to see how the community has been working together to support one another in times of need.  I would like, on behalf of us all, to offer special thanks to a well-known personality in the village, Michael Styrin, who throughout this time has steadfastly continued to deliver milk, papers and eggs on a daily basis. We also wish Lynne a speedy recovery from a fall she sustained earlier in the year when it was icy.


Security – We have been subjected to an upsurge of burglaries over the past few weeks. "Low Life" have been driving into the area, initially to survey properties and then returning, generally through the night, to break in to sheds, garages and out-buildings. There has been one instant of a break-in during the day. Police response has been good but this by itself is no safeguard. The neighbourhood WhatsApp communication is excellent in relaying information making us aware of when, where and what is happening.  This enables us to be on our guard. We can do more with this by recording details of suspicious vehicles – makes & registration numbers together with times and locations and then make this available to the police should a crime occur.  Be wary of unknown individuals who access your property under the pretext of looking for something or somebody. All outbuildings should be made secure and also any particularly valuable items should be removed and kept in the house where possible. Any concerns, phone 999 immediately, don’t hesitate and let’s work together to help eradicate this lawless intrusion.


Footpaths/Rights of Way – I have been contacted by members of the Parish regarding the legality of notices pinned on gates, styles etc. trying to restrict access by the general public where there is a legal right of way. Having made enquiries to the Council, I can confirm that trying to restrict by this method is not legal and people who wish to walk along these paths have a right to do so. Such notices can be removed. Where a style or section of footpath is potentially dangerous or in need of repair, it is the responsibility of NYCC to do so. There is a department within the Council dealing with this. Contact me where appropriate with the location details and I will forward this information.


General Maintenance Issues – As a result of Coronavirus, tasks such as grass cutting, pot-hole repairs etc. have been put on hold. However, as restrictions ease, we have been assured that this work will resume as quickly as possible so please be patient.


Dog Fouling – There has been an upsurge in dog-walking during lockdown, excellent for one’s physical condition and for the health of treasured pets. However, the downside has been the increase in dog fouling. PLEASE PLEASE dog owners, act responsibly and clean up after your pet. It is essential to benefit the health and well-being of all concerned. Thank you.


Although the Parish Council has not been able to meet in person, communication continues and if there are any issues you feel we could help with, please contact me and we will do our best to address.


Bob Wilyman


Chair PC

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